Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fasting Benefits

Intermittent fasting means fasting less than 24 hours. Actually people do this everyday. When you stop fasting it is called to break the fast. The first meal of the day is called break-fast to recognize that you stop the fast that happens when you are sleeping. That means the longer you sleep, the longer you fast.

Everyday the body is taking in toxins and getting rid of toxin. If the toxins are coming in at a faster rate than the body can get rid of them, then they build up. Fasting allows you to get rid of toxins at a faster rate than you bring them in. That is how simple it is.

At the time of Jesus, the Jews used fasting as their medicine. That is why the bible has 74 references to fasting. Also it is associated with the person being a soul that is part of the Christian religion. The body needs food but the soul does not need food. In fact eating too much food is such a problem that obesity is considered the biggest health problem the world is facing.

I read a story about a Christian minister who had to go to another town. After a couple of days of being there a guy was talking to him about the diner. The guy said that he must know where it is. The minister said that he did not know where it is. The guy asked where he ate yesterday. The guy said that he did not eat yesterday because he was busy and forgot about it. He was not fasting but just forgot about it.

When the body does not need to digest any food, not only does it have a chance to get rid of toxins at an accelerated rate but it also uses that extra energy to heal the body of anything that is wrong with it. In fact many wild animals do this instinctively to let the body heal itself. Here are some testimonials about fasting from doctors and scientists. Gabriel Cousins, M.D., (psychiatrist) says:
I often observe in the fasting participants that by four days of fasting, concentration seems to improve, creative thinking expands, depression lifts, insomnia stops, anxieties fade, the mind becomes more tranquil and a natural joy begins to appear. It is my hypothesis that when the physical toxins are cleared from the brain cells, mind-brain function automatically and significantly improves and spiritual capacities expands.
Alex Carrel, M.D. (famous scientist) says:
The elimination of waste products by fasting increases longevity.
Joel Fuhrman, M.D. (has fasting center in NJ) says:
In my practice I have seen fasting eliminate lupus and arthritis, remove chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, heal the digestive tract in patients with ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, and quickly eliminate cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and angina. In these cases the recoveries were permanent.
I have never been overweight but I fasted for 22 days on nothing but pure water. It is best that the water is pure like what you get from distilled water or reverse osmosis water. It was not that hard physically, but mentally I kept thinking about food. Now I realized that if people did not need to eat to stay alive and they last the ability to eat, most people would kill themselves.

There was a neighbor that was 81 and after a meal he was in a lot of pain. So he went to a hospital and they could not find anything wrong with him. But next time he had a meal, he was in a lot of pain so they fed him with tubes. They tried an operation and ate a meal but still had a lot of pain. So they put him in a place that is like a hospice where he would stay until he died. But after a few months he said that he wanted to die. So I did not know that he could do this but he told them to stop feeding him and they did. He died after a few days later.

The professional fasters suggest that you get supervised by a doctor to be on the safe side. One danger is that since blood pressure goes down one can pass out if they get out if they get up too quickly. The other danger is that about one out of 200 people have their potassium get to low and then the fast must be broken immediately.

At first it may be very difficult to do but you get better with practice. Also the trick to it is to be in the present moment. If you are living in the future too much than it could be impossible. I read that many Romans would do everything that they needed to during the day and in the evening they would sit down and have the one meal of the day. To learn more about this go to The Unlimited Benefits of Fasting.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Unique Way to Avoid Overeating and Know the Healthiest Foods

The above links to an article that is like the rest of them. If you want to read something unique about overeating and knowing which foods are the healthiest, read this. This can be used to lose weight, gain health and get rid of toxemia that makes you feel bad. If you want to learn more about toxemia read Is Toxemia Ruining Your Health. Toxemia is the biggest contributor of headaches and I have not had one in over 15 years.

The reason that this method is unique is because all the wild animals use it and never get overweight. In fact you can use whenever you want to eat the perfect amount of food. Now that is a unique claim. How can I make that claim? Because like the wild animal, your body has a inner intelligence. I use it and have not had the flu or a cold in over 15 years. If you want to learn more about avoiding colds or the flu then read  How to Avoid the Flu or Colds.

All you have to do is eat the foods raw. That is how your body recognizes whether the food is good for you or bad for you. If it is good for you then it will taste good. Now you do not like things that are not food. This is why the baby puts all sorts of things in his mouth. Salt cannot be raw and is not a food. But if you put some in your mouth it will taste terrible and you will spit it out. So you can also use this to save your life if you are on a deserted island. You will know what foods you can eat.

If you use this method then you will know what are the healthiest foods for you to eat. They will taste the best. Now I have an article saying that the healthiest foods to eat are fruits. You can use the above to test this out. But here are some things you can learn now. Mark Twain says that the best tasting food is the cherimoya or custard apple. First it has the texture of custard so that is really nice. Then it tastes really good.

To know how good it is, you have to taste it. Now Queen Elizabeth says that the best tasting food is the mangosteen which is not a mango. It has many health benefits that many people drink it for. An American company sells over half a billion dollars of its juice annually. More on fruit later.

I want get to the part about about not overeating or eating the perfect amount. Now eating everything raw is one difference that the wild animals do. What is the other difference that wild animals do with eating that is how the people eat? They eat only one food at a time. If you eat some raw organic raisins and raw organic nuts, they are healthy but you can eat too much of them. If you eat each one alone then you will eat the perfect amount of each. Of course if you eat this way all of the time, then you might have super human health. But there are other factors that affect your heath.

Now you can test all the above at and know for yourself. Or you can listen to the experts that tell you that broccoli is good for you even though you hate it. In fact if you have any issues with President George W. Bush like not liking the Iraqi war then you can blame it on his mother who made him eat food that he did not like. That is a terrible thing to do.

Also a food that you like raw may be bad for you. You taste something that you like a lot raw but is is spoiled and tastes horrible. Then an expert tells you it is good for you. Tell him to eat some.

As far as fruit being the healthiest foods oranges do not have the most vitamin C but camu camu fruit does and it has 30 times the vitamin C of oranges. Dr. James Duke tested out thousands of plants for the U.S. government and found that camu camu fruit has more benefits than any plant food. Gac fruit has 70 times the lycopene content of tomatoes. There are over 10,000 different kinds of fruit.

One lady who is a vegetarian was wearing a shirt that says that she is a vegetarian not because she likes animal but because she hates plants. I guess her shirt is pointing out that she kills plants and eats them. But if you eat fruit, you are not hurting the plant or tree and they are going to be dropped anyway. But the plant wants you to eat the fruit so you can spread its fruit around which wild animals do do.. See they eat the seeds and drop them on the ground when they defecate.

Now if feel that you are not feeling that great, then you can go to the doctor and he or she may give you some drugs so you end up like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley (the kings of pop and rock), Whitney Houston, Britney Murphy or Heath Ledger. Or you can try eating this way for a few days and see how you feel.

Two thousand years ago the Jews used fasting to heal many things. That is why the Bible has 700 references of fasting. Their number one rule is that if you do not feel like eating then get your mother to make you eat so you go to war with a country and beat them and give rise to a group like ISIS. Note that Hillary Clinton voted to have that war and Bernie Sanders against that war. The main rule is not to eat anything or fast if you do not feel like eating. That is what wild animals do.

For another article on this subject of avoiding overeating or how to never overeat and eating the healthiest foods see How to Never Overeat.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Have Strong Bones and Prevent Osteoporosis

From Spine Universe

A study by PubMed showed that increasing calcium in the diet has no effect at all on bone density or osteoporosis. Many countries have less calcium in their diet and have lower levels of osteoporosis than America does. Calcium in the urine may be the reason for weak bones. First if the body needs it then calcium is not supposed to be in the urine. The idea that calcium helps your bones comes from the idea that bones are mostly calcium.

This is like saying that since the brain is mostly fat then you should eats lots of fat to make your brain bigger or smarter. This is like taking protein to build muscle since muscle is mostly protein. I am sure that Arnold Schwarzenegger eats a lot of protein but he is flabby now. If you want better or bigger muscles then do resistance training. Americans get over 4 times as much protein as the need.

But the body takes calcium out of the bones to neutralize too much acid. Then the resultant neutralized acid must be urinated out with the calcium. So that is one reason to eat more fruits and vegetables and less animal products. Plant foods tend to be more alkaline and animal foods tend to be more acid or acidic. This is referring to the minerals that are left after digesting. That is why acid fruits are alkaline.

This whole science of the acidity and alkalinity of food was developed by a biochemist in the 1930s. He did not use his judgement to decide which foods were the best. He burned each food (this duplicates what digestion does) and tested the PH of the ash residue. He then recorded all of the results.

An October 26, 2015 article in Guardian says Processed meats rank alongside smoking as cancer causes – WHO. It says:
UN health body says bacon, sausages and ham among most carcinogenic substances along with cigarettes, alcohol, asbestos and arsenic.
Bacon, ham and sausages rank alongside cigarettes as a major cause of cancer, the World Health Organisation has said, placing cured and processed meats in the same category as asbestos, alcohol, arsenic and tobacco.
When bones get osteoporosis, the bones get weak and brittle and can break easily. Usually shortly after this bone break, which could be a hip fracture, an old person dies because this leads to a severe lack of exercise. Another thing that a person needs, is to get enough vitamin D. JAMA says that 77% of Americans do not get enough vitamin D. JAMA stands for Journal of the American Medical Association.

Also older people get less weight bearing exercise than when they are younger. This is important to make the bones more dense and stronger. It also helps to strengthen the muscles which stabilize the bone.

Also a study that the intake of salt, that has a huge amount of sodium in it, causes a problem with osteoporosis or weak bones. A teaspoon of salt has as much sodium as 100 pounds of unprocessed food. Unprocessed food has sodium in it but it has no salt in it. No this may sound like I am talking to you like an idiot but I see doctors and scientists talk like there is no difference between salt and sodium. Salt is not sodium, it is sodium chloride. Now I am not a medical doctor but I would guess that if you eat 100 pounds of food, your stomach would burst open.

Also a great deal of research shows that salt is solely responsible for high blood pressure, hypertension or hardening of the arteries. So it is better to use less salt or cut it out all together. It is not a food so it should not be consumed. WebMD says that consuming salt is worse for you than smoking. They even say that if you start smoking and quit consuming salt, you will be healthier. Cutting Salt As Good As Quitting Smoking!

What are foods? They are plants and animals. For example think of spices. Black pepper is a plant. Garlic also comes from a plant. Cayenne is also a plant. So is ginger. Also cinnamon is a plant. Turmeric may be the plant with the highest anti-inflammatory effect that there is. I use all of these spices in my foods. You can list many more of them. Salt is not from a plant. In fact salt is the cause of an area to have no life at all. It is called the Dead Sea. High salt levels cause it to have no life.

To learn more about the absolute proof that salt causes high blood pressure see Add 25 Years to Your Life With Nutrition Breakthrough. Also to learn more about having strong bones and avoiding osteoporosis see How to Prevent Osteoporosis. I used to be a chemist for the U.S. federal government and since then I have learned a great deal about health and well being.

I have more advice that can save your life. Eat foods and try not to eat non-foods that include medications. Now some celebrities did not agree with me and they ended up dead wrong. This includes the king of pop, Michel Jackson and the king of rock, Elvis Presley. It also includes Bruce Lee, Whitney Houston, Brittany Murphy and Heath Ledger.

See 5 minute video below to see how salt causes all high blood pressure, hypertension and hardening of arteries that kills over 1,000 Americans per day according to Michael Greger M.D.

Friday, September 6, 2013

12 Powerful Tips on Losing Weight

Megan Elizabeth-- Before and After Losing Weight

12 Powerful Tips on Losing Weight

Here is a list of 12 easy things that you can do to lose weight.

1. Make sure that you get all the sleep that you need. They have found that the longer you sleep, the less that you weigh. Also during the time that you are sleeping, you are fasting (not eating). When someone starts eating after fasting, it is called breaking the fast. The first meal is called break-fast. Getting plenty of sleep is important to losing weight.

2. Try to minimize stress. Stress causes you to eat more food and causes your body not to digest food and work right. You can do yoga to help with this. Dr. Oz gets all of his patients to do yoga. Here is an article with 23 Celebrities that Do Yoga. Also yoga helps your self-esteem so you are more motivated to lose weight.

3. Instead of drinking water or other beverages, drink green tea all day. The EGCG in it will help you lose weight. Also it has many other benefits like reducing your chances of getting many different diseases like cancer. Here is an article about the Health Benefits of Green Tea. You can sweeten it with stevia that is good for blood sugar regulation. Green tea is the most alkaline food that there is (above site has a link to the chart) and alkaline foods help you lose weight and gain health.

The Chinese do not drink water. They drink green tea or black tea (similar to green tea but fermented). In the United States in Chinese restaurants, they serve tea for free instead of water. There is a saying that it is better to go without food for 3 days than to go without tea for one day.

If you do not like green tea, there is another tea that you can try. Yerba mate tea is the national beverage of Argentina and the most popular beverage in most of South America. I like the taste of it a lot more than green tea. But I actually mix them and drink both of them. In fact Whole Foods markets has their own brand of tea that contains organic green tea, organic yerba mate tea and organic peppermint. See the article: Health Benefits of Yerba Mate Tea.

This tea has caffeine in it just like green tea. Yerba mate is very high in chlorogenic acid. This is the phytochemical in green coffee that helps you with losing weight. Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant that prevents type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.

Yerba mate tea contains 196 active chemical compounds and 144 of these are found in green tea. So caffeine in green tea and yerba mate tea is a very small part of these beverages. Yerba mate was drank in South America before the Europeans arrived there, so it may have been used for thousands of years just like green tea.

4. Add cinnamon to your diet. You can sprinkle it on foods and/or take it in capsules. Cinnamon helps to balance your blood sugar levels. This webpage says:
Cinnamon, experts say, can lower blood sugar levels by up to 29 percent. A study at Wadsworth Medical Center in Ohio showed cinnamon could help people retain more muscle and lose fat [making it excellent for losing weight].
5. When it comes to using oils, only use EVOO-- extra virgin olive oil. This oil is different than other oils. It can help you lose weight. It contains omega-9 essential fatty acids (EFA) instead of omega-6 EFA. It is also healthier for you.

 6. Be careful of medications that you take including birth control pills. They can mess up your body's ability to control weight making it very difficult to lose unwanted weight. It is better to avoid any medications. One of the most popular medications ever was Vioxx to reduce pain. It was recalled since it was causing many people to get heart attacks.

7. Since eating leafy greens can make you fat, try to eat organic food. There are fungicides that they add to conventional (not organic) foods that can make you fat. For example according to the New York Times, the fungicide triflumizole is used on leafy vegetables and it causes obesity in mice. See The Importance of Organic Food for more on this.

8. Do a little resistance training. People have gotten confused with this. You are not trying to burn some calories exercising for hours. A little bit of resistance training changes the body and makes it work differently. It helps the body to build muscle and burn fat. Also the more muscle that your body has, the more calories it burns all the time no matter what you are doing. So this makes you look much better while losing some weight.

9. Eat whole grains instead of refined grains. Refined grains have fiber and nutrients taken out and this causes your body not to work right. So your body has a tendency to become fat and sick. Eat less wheat and more of other grains like brown rice, quinoa, millet and amaranth. This will also help with elimination so that you are carrying less waste around with you. This also reduces the size of your waist.

10. Eat less processed food and more unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and fungus (mushrooms). When processing foods, they make sure to add things to make the food addictive and fattening. That way they can sell a lot more. Dr. Oz says to eat foods without an ingredient list.

11. Learn how to eat right. This is not a common idea but it is very powerful. Here is an article called Why You Shouldn't Drink Water While You Eat by the Wellness Warrior. Actually it is better to not drink any liquid with your food.

This dilutes the digestive acid in your stomach. I heard this from someone who owned a farm while staying at a farm for the summer as a 12 year old. Drink all the liquid that you want before you eat. Then wait at least an hour after eating before drinking any liquid. This helps your digestion to work much better. Just try it and see how it works for you.

12. Fruit first. This has to do with the previous tip. If you eat watermelon, isn't that like drinking something since it is like 98% water? Yes. So this does not pertain to dry fruits but fruits that are very juicy. Juicy fruits do not digest like other foods. They pass through the stomach like drinking a beverage. There were 2 best-selling books called Fit for Life I and Fit for Life II. Both of these books suggested the above

In fact unlike what many say, they had people skip breakfast so the body could continue its fast from sleeping and this helped many people with losing weight. They said that if you could not skip breakfast then just eat fruit for breakfast since it can still continue the body cleansing from while you were sleeping.

So eat your juicy fruits on an empty stomach. Then wait about 15 minutes for it to pass out of the stomach. Then you can eat regular foods. So the juicy fruit is treated like a beverage.

5 Tips for Losing Weight Fast

Thursday, November 29, 2012

2 Powerful Health Product Lines Become One

Trivita Founder and CEO Michael Ellison with his wife, Susan, and Amazon Herb Company Founder John Easterling with his wife, Olivia Newton-John

Charles Bluestein ID 14645674

Two companies with powerful health products including unique herbal products merged and became one company. These 2 companies figured out that together they can become much bigger than they could become individually. Here is why! It is estimated by the World Health Organisation that 80 per cent of the world’s population uses herbal medicine in some form or another within primary health care.

May 23, 2015 Update

Each of the Amazon herb products now have a video of them by Amazon John along with a view of the powdered herbs. I have watched them and see why the saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words. These are totally unique formulas with powerful herbs from the Amazon rain forest.

In December 2014 they just introduced Graviola Plus with graviola and 13 other herbs to prevent and fight cancer. Many have told me that they had great results with the older version of this.

These are the beautiful catalogs mailed monthly to everyone. Once someone buys something, they get these catalogs monthly for life. Also customers get a free monthly Vita Journal with the latest health news in it. This company has its own in-house printing press. So if you want to buy extra catalogs to give to friends, they are inexpensive. Also many companies substitute cheaper herbs. This company is keeping a close watch so this does not happen with these products.

Amazon Herb Company is owned by Amazon John Easterling and his wife Olivia Newton-John (she has been using these herbal foods for over 10 years). Amazon John works with a dozen tribes in the Amazon rainforest to get the 30 different herbs from there that he uses like una de gato (cat's claw), pau d'arco, stone breaker (chanca piedra), dragon's blood (sangre de drago), boldo, camu camu fruit, graviola and other herbs that grow wild, in herbal formulas for health.

Please watch this 90 second commercial with Charles, Prince of Wales, Prince William, Prince HarryPelĂ© (soccer star), the Dalai Lama, Harrison Ford, Robin Williams and others about the importance of saving the rainforest. "Every year destruction of the earth's rainforests releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than all the cars, planes and ships put together!" ---Charles, Prince of Wales.

TriVita has been selling the Nopolea product with a cactus fruit juice in it. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory product. People use it for pain and aches which appears more frequently as people age. Some medical doctors (MDs) have tried it and liked it. They then tell their patients about if even though they are not an associate or an affiliate (now called an "independent TriVita business owner"), but only a customer. Both companies use a network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) compensation plan. The associates are the ones who are not just customers but also make money with it.

For simplicity the product costs the same for customers and associatesAmazon Herb Company has many different herbal products for different health benefits and to help different systems. TriVita also has the best selling vitamin B-12 supplement on the planet. This is because Dr Libby works with this company and he has the original patent on it dissolving under the tongue (sublingual method).

Some of the associates in Amazon Herb Company and TriVita make a spare time income of around $200 a month and some make a very good full time income from it. 

Here is the article about this merger on the Direct Selling News magazine. It has a picture of both owners together. It says:
That kind of innovative, mission-oriented thinking has given the company consistent organic growth over the last 13 years. TriVita ranked No. 70 on the Direct Selling News 2012 Global 100 list—leaping from No. 92 in 2011—with $102 million in net sales.
TriVita has offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong [updated May 2015]. Ellison says that the power of technology will allow the company to do business in 100 countries in 10 years, expanding its mission around the world.

“We are moving into a world that is an online, connected world,” Ellison says. Our goal is to expand TriVita globally to help people everywhere experience wellness.”
If you are not a customer or an associate yet, my name is Charles Bluestein and my Trivita ID number is 14645674, in case you call the company.

Your subdomain of TriVita website is just like the company website except that everyone who joins as a customer or an associate goes under you automatically. So my TriVita website is (note my ID number on it) and you can order from it at anytime. Note that the website above has no information on the money making part of it but you can can become an associate of it for free.

Also brand new MLM companies are extremely risky since 99% of them go out of business in the first 5 years. Both of these companies are over 5 years old, but the merger makes it a brand new company and opportunity.

If you have any questions, you can email me at whiz8kid(at)yahoo(dot)com or call me at 602-736-0625. Do not call me to solicit anything.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Successful College Student's Pyramid

Successful College Student’s Pyramid
Presented By: Online College

The above is good for the financial health of college students. Although there is now more money owed on college loans than on credit cards. There are some free colleges. Some require you to work at least 15 hours a week for the college. Some are completely free and some are online.

Here are 10 Free Colleges by the Huffington Post.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

8 Things Every Breastfeeding Mother Should Know Before Giving Birth

I came across this article and this is something that every pregnant woman should know about. Breastfeeding is much healthier for the baby and helps the mother lose weight since she is giving some of her calories to the baby. 

Also science says that breastfeeding reduces your chances of getting breast cancer. For more on this see 7 Most Effective Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer. I bet that you will never guess what number 0 is. Why did I number it 0 (zero). Medical doctors have proven that this is 90% effective in preventing breast cancer.

1. It says that breastfeeding should begin within an hour of birth but does not explain why. I guess this makes it easier for the baby to learn to get its nutrition through its mouth than through the umbilical cord.

2. You should have a couple of nursing bras and nursing tanks in your hospital bag.

3. Allow your body to go into labor naturally to greatly increase your chances for establishing successful breastfeeding.

4. It is normal for the breastfeeding to hurt the first few days but it gets better.

5. The first few days you get a little colostrum that is like pre-milk. It is extremely healthy for the baby. Some companies sell colostrum from cows as a supplement. Note that this is the correct spelling, not the one on the article. Wikipedia says:
Colostrum (also known colloquially as beestings,[1] bisnings[2] or first milk) is a form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals in late pregnancy. Most species will generate colostrum just prior to giving birth. Colostrum contains antibodies to protect the newborn against disease, as well as being lower in fat[3] and higher in protein than ordinary milk.

6. Make sure to have a breast pump ready at home.

7. The baby should be breastfed whenever it wants to not on some schedule.

8. Quote from article below: "Bottles or pacifiers should be avoided for as long as possible to avoid nipple confusion. Nipple confusion is a problem that arises when a breastfed baby is given an artificial (rubber or silicon) nipple and must try to learn to nurse both from his mother's breast and the bottle nipple."

8 Things Every Breastfeeding Mom Should Know Before Giving Birth